Initial state - viewMode
'image' show default or last photo or empty background
'camera' turn on camera
'chooser' open chooser popup

Allow multiple product, if false, only one product can be try at the moment.

Allow same product to be added several times to the stage.

Save all images and its position, rotation, scale on client side.

Show latest photo selected by use user.

Product scale inside visible area.

Maximum width and height of output image

If larger, input image will be scaled to this size

UI & Buttons

Show swap camera when device has two cameras

Show link button, this is a custom button and you should implement setLinkHandler()

This should be disabled only when you explicit set background photo


  Fit to parent - fitType
'padding' opens in fullscreen, or fill parent, it use paddingSize and paddingUnit
'fullsize' opens in fullscreen, or fill parent, 100% width and height.

Used only when fitType is set to 'padding'

Used only when fitType is set to 'padding'


Code for integration
Put this code into your webpage

For production use tryme.min.js and tryme.min.css from purchased package. These are for evaluation purpose only.